The strong character in Olivia was one of Fringe’s first draws for me. I began my Fringe love affair when I saw her kicking ass and conning con-man Peter when I first watched the Pilot. Plus, I am blond, so I am real happy with a smart blond on my fave show!

Torv plays Olivia Dunham, a gorgeous blond who’s also an FBI agent for the Department of Homeland Security’s “Fringe” division. Ironically, she’s spent most of the third season of “Fringe” in an alternate Homeland, making her feel very insecure indeed. But that’s not a normal state for her. Contrary to the bubbly image of blonds, Olivia is a cool loner. She’s also a career gal who’s known she’s wanted to be an FBI agent since she was nine years old. Her special skills include telekinesis, pyrokinesis, near-indestructibility and now expert marksmanship. She does not take kindly to having boyfriends kiss girls who look exactly like her.